Our Sponsors

HopeOneSource makes it quick and easy to connect people and services. It couldn't be where it is without the support of our volunteers and some key partners willing to assist in making this collaboration software possible. Click the Get Involved tab to learn more. 


Tropo is apart of Cisco's Collaboration Technology Group. HopeOneSource won the Tropo Hackathon at the Drupal Conference in Denver. Since then, they have provided sponsorship support as well as outreach via their channels in order to spread the word of how HopeOneSource is able to reach those with limited internet connections and provide such a vital service to this project. For more information on Tropo visit:  http://www.tropo.com



Lockr is a simple-to-use plugin for WordPress or Drupal to manage a site’s API and Encryption keys in a secure offsite hosted environment. Lockr removes the key from our site code and database and stores it in a secure and certified key manager according to industry standards and best practices. By providing key management services, Lockr allows HopeOneSource to encrypt user data and ensure all external request are secured. This allows HopeOneSource to keep user data private and secure to the highest standards. For more information on Lockr visit: https://lockr.io



IEEE is an international not for profit organization that supports impactful humanitarian activites at the local level. Based on HopeOneSource's impact, IEEE awarded HopeOneSource a grant to help fund some of the operational costs. This has increased HopeOneSource's capacity to serve more people while improving the technology. For more information on the IEEE Humanitarian Activities Committee visit: https://www.ieee.org/about/corporate/humanitarian_activities_committee.html


Blackstone Federal

Blackstone Federal's mission is to be the beltway's premier engineering and transformation agency, with a holistic approach to its work that includes giving back to the community. In May 2017, they formalized their partnership to help build and enhance the technology behind HopeOneSource. This includes Blackstone Federal's support hosting quarterly code sprints, providing developer referrals, and incentivizing their staff to participate in HopeOneSource projects and events.  For more information on Blackstone Federal visit: http://BlackstoneFederal.com


Corporation for National Community Service 

The Corporation for National Community Service's AmeriCorps Volunteers in Service to America (VISTA) program's mission is to strengthen organizations that alleviate poverty through volunteering and the mobilization of resources. AmeriCorps VISTAs provide HopeOneSource with full-time domestic Peace Corps equivalent staff responsible for building the capacity of HopeOneSource to further enable every housing, career, and social service provider using the platform to more effectively and efficiently connect with the people they aim to serve. More information on the AmeriCorps VISTA program visit: https://www.nationalservice.gov