HopeOneSource - Hurricane Florence Press Release

HOS Emergency Text

September 13, 2018
Contact: Nicholas Hanson: Nick@Hopewithlove.org, Mobile: (202)-630-5144

As Hurricane Florence closes in on the East Coast, DC Government has posted emergency alerts on the HopeOneSource platform, a locally-developed technology that allows the District’s government and non-government service providers to send text messages containing critical, potentially lifesaving information directly to the phones of individuals experiencing homelessness.
Pictured above, the emergency alerts sent through HopeOneSource tell recipients how to access available shelter and transportation services should severe weather strike. DC Government also uses HopeOneSource to send out similar alerts to residents experiencing homelessness during periods of extreme heat or cold.
HopeOneSource is a growing resource for the DC community in the effort to prevent and end homelessness in the DC Metropolitan and beyond.  The messaging platform is used by over 200 local service providers to send messages about their available services to the people experiencing a housing crisis who need them most--the majority of whom own a mobile phone. Nearly 1,300 DC residents at-risk of and experiencing homelessness are currently receiving messages about available services they need through HopeOneSource.
Learn more how female military veterans experiencing homelessness like Judith are using HopeOneSource to connect to often vital services through HopeOneSource here.
HopeOneSource is a volunteer led DC area based effort that consist of humanitarian technology enthusiasts passionate about effectively ending homelessness, and is kindly supported by the AmeriCorps VISTA program, IEEE Humanitarian Activities Committee, Cisco Systems, Blackstone Federal, and Lockr Web Encryption. Help HopeOneSource grow in DC and beyond! Anyone can make a difference, from a small monetary contribution to volunteering their time to help more people experiencing a housing crisis like Judith sign-up to connect to available services and extreme weather alerts. Visit hopeonesource.org/form/get-involved.