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Interested in growing a proven technology that is helping prevent and end homelessness?

Since HopeOneSource launched in fall 2015, the DC metropolitan region has used this technology to support local efforts to help prevent and end homelessness by increasing access to housing, social, and career services. For the second year in a row, DC's homeless population has dropped, a 7.6% reduction from January 2017 and a 17.3% reduction from January 2016, according to the local government's latest available data. Hypothermia deaths have been reduced by nearly 80% as well during this period. HopeOneSource has been recognized by the White House, IEEE, and Cisco. 


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HopeOneSource's 501(c)(3) social technology for good exists because of the support from our volunteer team, sponsors, and the local community. 

There are many more ways to get involved! We're always looking for those who are passionate about preventing and ending homelessness!

Your support will help ensure those registered for HopeOneSource receive timely text messages about lifesaving extreme weather alerts, free meals, legal aid, job training, health screenings, and other nearby available services unique to their needs.

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